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Discover the POWER of Self-Healing! 

Welcome Beautiful Love, to 3B community of Healing and Recovery.  A safe Space for Natural Coping Practices to Empower the TRUE and Whole Self.

All About Me

My name is RaShanna and I am a holistic Health Practioner based in Wisconsin.

I started this extraordinary journey of helping people find their inner Power to heal from their physical and mental blocks over 3 years ago.

We empower our clients to reap the tremendous health benefits of our services including boosting the immune system, improving mental health, minimizing impacts of emotional trauma, and overcoming stress.

The focus of our efforts is to enlighten the clients and help them align their goals of personal wellness and self-care to keep their minds, bodies, and spirit energy fields.

In addition to our alternative health services, we also offer sales of crystals and homemade Elixirs for healing purposes.


The Passion behind the Dream


Throughout my life, I have worked for the betterment of the people around me. I have more than 7 years of practical experience in holistic healing, 2 years as a Reiki Master, 4 years as an ordained Healing Minister, and 10 years as a professional Life Coach.

My passion to help my community comes from my own personal experiences of heart failure and stress-induced diseases.

As I opted to learn and apply the coping and recovery skills of Reiki to my body, I underwent a transformational journey of self-healing and healthiness.

It was at this point that I envisioned the dream of 3B Healing Valley in my heart.

Being a certified Reiki Master, a life coach, and an EFT practitioner myself, I have a desire to help people enrich their lifestyles and achieve their own well-being through my Reiki and other energy healing modalities.


My journey began when I learned that I was suffering from heart failure. The diagnosis on my life from western modalities was 30% functioning. You could only image the devastation I was experiencing when learning I might die. This was the exact moment I shifted my mental perception to Claim “I’m not Done here Yet.” Married and 4 kids I was positive this was not my “closed book.” In Feb 2014 I endured multiply days and weeks of testing for heart Failure and Diabetes. This was the worst and best year I experienced LIFE. I took their prescribed advice for several medicines which included BLOOD thinners. Two months into treatment and I HEARD what the calling of my passion would ultimately be. Heal Thy Self and Declare with sound faith of mind You are HEALED. So, with no hesitation I did, and with many episodes of forgiving and healing, I was cleared in Sept 2014 of heart failure. This is just 1 of many Dis-Eases, I experienced to “practice” self-healing and self-care. By way of Alignment to my Higher Calling and the manifestation of Divine Healing, recovery took place.


I use an approach from a whole-body theology and candid support that helps enable you to heal intimately with your POWER. My focus is to recruit believers in themselves to receive the healing power of ALL THAT IS towards their Utmost in every corner of the earth!

3B Healing Valley ministers empowerment and advice thru manifestations of supernatural healing and coaching sessions, miracle services, Reiki and other healing modalities. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, my angels and Spirit Guides, I speak prophetically into my clients and Soul Family’s life. What is 3B healing Valley!!

3B Healing Valley helps you DISCOVER how our 3 brains work in harmony to balance the POWER within to bring forth your true Destiny. Life is about Valleys. We all have ups n downs, highs, and lows; but knowing how to be in alignment with the Higher valley is how we can manifest our true healing and desires in this reality. Knowing you are WORTH beyond measure helps guide the healer in enabling which brain is displaying the need for healing first. Thus we work on the MINDSET to promote positivity and unblock it. 

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